We want to make the future with no gap,
so we make a solid antenna.

FONCON Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008.
It is a professional supplier of GPS antennas and GPS-related electronic components. It focuses on the research and development, design and manufacture of GPS positioning antenna modules, with excellent quality and full compliance with the strict RoHS regulations.

Service: GPS Antenna Design,GPS Module,GPS Tracker Design,GSM Antenna,LTE4G Antenna,5G Antenna

Tax ID: 24243576

Business contact: Mr. Jack

Phone: +886 2 2203 1017

Email: service@foncon.com.tw

Address: No. 127, Qionglin S. Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

鋒剛國際科技有限公司. 成立於2008年,擁有十幾年的設計製造豐富經驗,是一家專業的GPS天線及GPS相關電子元器件供應商,專注於GPS定位天線模組的研發、設計和製造,品質優良,完全符合嚴格的RoHS法規

服務項目: GPS天線設計製造,GPS接收器設計製造,GPS追蹤器專案設計,GSM-3G天線設計製造,LTE4天線設計製造,5G天線設計製造

統一編號: 24243576

電話: +886 2 2203 1017

業務窗口: Jack Ho 何 先生

信箱: service@foncon.com.tw

地址: 242067 台灣省新北市新莊區瓊林南路127號

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